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Ðancom Ðelta™
Voice Communications Code of Conduct (C.O.C)
Version 2.0 / January 2007

The following agreement, made between Ðancom Ðelta™ and the recipient of this documentation, clarifies and acknowledges this document as the acceptable Code of Conduct for the use of any communications program, which is an officially hosted service provided by or utilized by Ðancom Ðelta™ for use in conjunction with online gaming services . The agreement covers Ðancom Ðelta™ members and/or individuals or squads whose use of the service has been sanctioned by Ðancom Ðelta™ Headquarters. The user agrees to the following and understands that failure to do so may result in the loss of access rights to the said communications program. Ðancom Ðelta™ reserves the right to alter the guidelines as required and will provide an amended agreement in those instances.

Use of any Dancom Delta provided voice communications service by any user, is acknowledged as acceptance of the conditions of this agreement and any subsequent amendments.


Access to Ðancom Ðelta™ communications programs is provided on an individual basis. Every individual who agrees to honor the Voice Communications Code of Conduct is welcome to participate in the use of the Public Channels service. The service is divided into two distinct sections, identified as Public Channels and Squad access only channels. The Login details to Squad channels are confidential and are required to remain as such. Individuals acknowledging the Voice Communications Code of Conduct are implicitly approved for use of the communication service Public Channels by Ðancom Ðelta™ Headquarters. Ðancom Ðelta™ Headquarters reserves the right to relinquish access privileges of any individual who has violated this agreement or has disrupted the established communication environment.


Users are solely responsible for the creation, use, and content of the names chosen for their use. The intent of this function is to identify an individual using or participating in the Ðancom Ðelta™ communication service. User names that display or contain any form of vulgarity, degrading or demeaning structure are strictly prohibited. Where applicable, names should reflect the name and Squad tags. In the case of a Ðancom Ðelta™ member, it will also reflect their recruit status.


Text communications are included with a Communications Program with the intent to provide alternate avenues of communication outside of voice transmissions. These functions allow users to send text messages to other users. Demeaning, degrading, vulgar or otherwise improper messages are strictly prohibited. This also includes the use of word/abbreviations… Examples: !@#$, !@#$, WTH, KMA, and FO. Reflective of the spirit of [ÐÐ]™, any text comments should not disparage, insult or otherwise demean any other [ÐÐ]™ member or visitor that might be using the system.

TEXT TO SPEECH (Not applicable with all programs)

Demeaning, degrading, vulgar or otherwise improper text to speech is strictly prohibited. Any text to speech comments should be short in nature and reflective of the [ÐÐ]™ team and culture. Excessive use of this service that creates an annoyance is deemed inappropriate.


Communication services are provided to allow users to engage in conversation with other individuals. Users may utilize this service during online gaming, meetings, negotiations, or friendly interaction of participants. Maintain courteous and polite interaction. Do not intentionally cut off others conversations. Idleness in the voice comms server will automatically shift the idle user to the Away Channel. The user may return to the channel they previously occupied by double clicking on the channel name.

The Ðancom Ðelta™ environments are family orientated. Therefore, as a general guideline: if you wouldn’t do it in “church” it is inappropriate behaviour.

It is the desire of Ðancom Ðelta™ to provide a friendly, clean and stable communication service for persons to interact. Any abuses/violations of the conduct agreement will be subject to review and addressed appropriately.

Complaints during game play should be kept to a minimum. ICQ, X-Fire, private forum messaging or e-mail should be used if you have any concerns. While we all know that there will be occasions where something in the game play doesn’t look or feel right, there are venues for describing any such issues, up to and including the following: technical, personal or map-related. Please relay any complaints to the appropriate [ÐÐ]™ Officer or Team Leader.

[ÐÐ]™ HQ
Ðancom Ðelta™
Established February 1999

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